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Learning about Cardano and this amazing universe. Southtyrol Pool helps anybody do unterstand the Cardano World and how they can benefit.

By delegating your stake to a pool you are increasing the chances for that pool to generate a block in the Ouroboros protocol of Cardano.  When we generate a block we get a reward and those rewards are shared among the stakeholders.

Cardano is the world’s first peer-reviewed blockchain. It is a third-generation cryptocurrency and smart-contract platform that claims to improve upon the scaling problems of bitcoin, a first-generation coin, and ethereum, which belongs to the second- generation.  

You do not need to send your ADA to stake.  You are only DELEGATING you ADA to the pool. Your ADA remains always in your wallet

In Cardano, time is broken up into Epochs. A Epoch has a duration of 5 days. After each Epochs you get your Rewards

When you decide to stake your ADA amount you  are creating a delegation certificate to the network. Your funds never move from your account and your Ada stays save on your wallet.  

At anytime you can decide to remove that delegation certificate and leave the pool.  

When you register your staking address you have do pay 2 ADA. So be sure your amount I higher then 2 ADA. 

You can always decide to change the staking pool

The pool operator can ask a pool fee . He takes the pool for the current energy cost , maintenance cost. Our Southtyrol Pool is asking currently 0% fee.  Because we love the Cardano ecosystem and we are happy to be part of the system. We want also support more our delegator.

Staking do private pool like our pool you are supporting the decentralized system

Your funds are not ‘locked’ while staking.  However you only receive rewards for the ADA in your account.